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Learn life-saving CPR skills with CPR Santa Fe. We offer the latest American Heart Association and Red Cross curriculum, taught in a way that's easy to understand and remember. Perfect for families, businesses, schools, and organizations. Custom classes available at your location, with flexible class sizes from 5-60+, and group rates. Book the date, location, and class that works for you. All equipment and textbooks provided onsite. Check our website for new class listings every month.

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I thought this was going to be one of those super boring classes where you pay $100 to have someone play a video for you. I was pleasantly surprised with the class! my teacher was wonderful!! Karina (so sprry if that isn’t hpw you spell it) was super engaging and taught cpr in a way i am sure to remember for years to come! i’ll definitely be back when i re new my certification!

Thora Ortegren

Great training. The female instructor was fantastic and took a wholistic approach to teaching. Loved the mnemonic associations used throughout the instruction process.

Kirsten Wolfe

Picture a mix of subject matter expertise, street smarts, and an energy level off the charts. Add in a dash of manic humor and you'll have some idea of why Katrina is such a fantastic instructor. A natural teacher who moves the class along smartly and professionally. Take any class she teaches and it will be treat.

The Wild Hare

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